ICC (Institut Geographic de Catalunia): Georeferencer

Georeferencing of scanned maps brings advantages to different institutions and libraries. One of the Institutions, Institut Geographic de Catalunia (ICC) in Barcelona implemented our product Georeferencer.

In May 2012, 1,000 early printed and manuscript maps and aerial photographs were included, with the focus on Catalonia. We were not covering just Catalonia, but at the same time we covered other parts of Europe and the world. General maps were among them, medium-to-small-scale maps and town plans. All were georeferenced in just 24 days by 88 volunteers.

The implementation helped to contribute to the development of the application, and the collective experience resulted in improvements in many ways especially in the area of crowdsourcing.

At the picture, you can see ICC's Georeferencer widgets, including the distribution map of georeferenced maps, and a table and pie chart of the top contributors.

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