NOAA pilots use Open-source Tileserver

Open source software Tileserver.php developed by Klokan Technologies helps NOAA pilots to acquire new aerial imagery.

The base maps pre-rendered with MapTiler are stored on a small Intel NUC I7 on board, where tileserver.php is installed. Via local Wifi, the maps are streamed to an iPad attached to a pilot dashboard showing the position of an airplane and exact area of a taken photography.

The system is in active use and was presented by Jon Sellars and Jason Woolard from NOAA on FOSS4G NA 2016. The presentation is available at https://2016.foss4g-na.org/sites/default/files/slides/FOSS4GNA_2016_ONAV_v4.


Open-source software used for hosting of maps on the board:

MapBox GL JS

The open-source library used for displaying free OpenStreetMap vector tiles (http://www.osm2vectortiles.org/).


Software used for pre-rendering of the aerial imagery into raster tiles.