OpenMapTiles are now multilingual

Do you need online maps with place names in your language? Our OpenMapTiles project can now display these multilingual names of places from the OpenStreetMap data very easily - just use our free map hosting service or install the maps on your own infrastructure.

The major feature of the OpenMapTiles v3.6 release is support for multilingual maps. It is now possible to create a map in your native language or a combination of more languages.

Tiles now support place names in 57 languages covering European languages and most major world languages.

Every map style (GL JSON), which is using OpenMapTiles vector tiles, can now define the main language for placenames and a fallback language (displayed in case the place does not have a name in the main language).

Place names in a non-latin script such as Russian, Chinese or Japanese come with a  transliterated alternative - to make them readable by more people. These alternative names can be displayed together with the main language place name.

The details of the implementation are described on GitHub.

Roads, railways and more

Several improvements were made on transportation layers, which now appears sooner and with more details. Primary roads are added to zoom 7. Railways are available one level up, and missing railway stations have been added. Highways are now improved - with links and road ramps fixed. Details are in the release notes.

If you need OpenStreetMap maps with places displayed in your language try our open-source project! For more details visit http://www.openmaptiles.org/