Old Maps Online project announced in The New York Public Library

Feb 29

Old Maps Online project announced in The New York Public Library

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David Rumsey introduced OldMapsOnline (www.oldmapsonline.org) Project in the New York Public Library, together with Petr Pridal and Humprey Southall.

This innovative search engine allows users to search through map catalogues across a number of institutions in a geographical way. Users will no longer have to spend time identifying which institution might hold the maps they want to view as, for the first time,  the holdings of individual map libraries are presented together in a single interface.

Initial map holdings come from the David Rumsey Map Collection, The National Library of Scotland, The British Library, the Moravian Library and the map collection of A Vision of Britain through Time and more will be added over the coming months.

The system is built on MapRank Search, created by Klokan Technologies.

Old Maps Online: New York Public Library Announcement:


Author | Klokan Technologies GmbH Published | 2012-02-29

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