Battersea Arts Centre Digital Archive powered by Omeka

Nov 18

Battersea Arts Centre Digital Archive powered by Omeka

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At the occasion of 120th anniversary celebration of the opening the building, the Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) in London together with Klokan Technologies GmbH have launched the digital archive website powered by the open-source software and online community. BAC created this vital online resource which will help to develop more partnerships, reach new audiences and follow the BAC’s mission: to invent the future of theatre.

Omeka 2.0

Klokan Technologies have adjusted and deployed Omeka (, the open source content management system for online digital collections. Specialized in development of applications of open-source software for the culture heritage sector, we customized the Omeka core for BAC project and enriched it with new functionality and custom theme.

Omeka was designed to satisfy the needs of institutions that lack extensive technical staff and large budget and allows the archive to expand and improve as the online user community employ the available contribute function.


Unique photo wall technology has been used for exploring the attractive content (as you can see on the picture). We have applied a new fast zooming approach for even better interaction experience with the scanned photos and other digital artifacts. Audience can also use an instant search function with advanced filtering by time and additional attributes.

Klokan Technologies GmbH offer culture heritage institutions development of similar online applications, which open the archives and documents to completely new forms of exploration, discovery and online research and ensure the preservation of the originals.

Author | Klokan Technologies GmbH Published | 2013-11-18

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