OpenMapTiles has always encouraged the development of map services by giving an option to build a self-hosted map with open-source tools and by providing free...

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The possibility to select your favorite mobile map SDK, JavaScript library for your web and server for raster tiles increase your freedom of choice with...

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Let’s say you have a collection of images you want to turn into a zoomable map. This also means you want to give them a...

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OpenMapTiles 3.8

Apr 30

The new release of open-source project OpenMapTiles 3.8, which offers world maps based on OpenStreetMap, brings evolutionary steps rather than revolution. However, a significant number...

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Maps with Docker

Apr 18

Working with a huge amount of geographic data is not an easy task. We decided to split the job with cluster technology. By using Docker,...

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Swiss cartography has a long tradition which was formalized by founding the Swiss Society of Cartography five decades ago. Klokan Technologies, a small company with...

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As of 25th May 2018, new EU regulation harmonizing data protection across the member states will come into force. The General Data Protection Regulation, commonly...

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Creating and publishing your own map service on the Internet is now very simple. Just process your image, upload the produced static files to a...

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When looking at a map, most people quickly orient themselves based on a combination of factors. One of the most important, however, are labels — such as...

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The best actors, film directors, and editors meet every year in Hollywood for a very special event: The Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars....

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