The Bounding Box Tool described by the Harvard University Library

Jun 19

The Bounding Box Tool described by the Harvard University Library

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Marc McGee from the Harvard University Library has written a great step-by-step guide on how to use the Bounding Box Tool developed and maintained by Klokan Technologies GmbH.

The practical online tool for (not only) map librarians is freely available at the address and it allows visual selection of geographic coordinates for direct copy&paste into a library system during cataloguing in various formats such as MARC, DublinCore, CSV or KML.

The article has been published in the recent issue of the »base line« newsletter (Volume 34, Number 3, June 2013, ISSN 1943-6548) in the section »On the cataloging/cataloguing front« edited by Tammy Wong from the Library of Congress.

Base line is an official publication of the American Library Association’s Map and Geospatial Information Round Table (MAGIRT).

The complete text is open access and freely available online at:

We are keen to further develop such online tools in future and help with the geospatial search applications in large map catalogues and with community engagement through our Georeferencer and MapRank Search technologies.

It is really a pleasure to see our work appreciated by many map librarians all over the world!

Author | Petr Pridal Published | 2013-06-19

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